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So I'm back at this blogging thing, although this time the range of topics will be a bit wider than one particular football team. I'll be touching on a bunch of stuff here, but many of the first posts will be about "Standards of Ethical Conduct", a film being released in April. You can check out the website at standardsofethicalconduct.com.

The movie will be premiering at the Patterson Theater in Baltimore on April 11th, at 8 pm. See here for more info and to buy tickets. If you're in the area and not a crazy person, drop me a note and I can keep you up to date about the premiere party. If you're crazy, or think you might be a tad crazy, or people hide their children when you come near, please just buy a ticket and come to the movie and then leave.

For all those Denver folks, a premiere is in the works, stay tuned for details.

I'd love to hear some topics of interest in the comments. I can talk about how long it took me to make this movie (4 years, or about 1 year for every ten minutes), or I can just make fun of my actors (or as Patrick likes to call them - DDUs - dialogue delivery units).

Let's get started with an acting lesson. Here's a video of the famous Chuck Roy working through a mistake with nary a misstep. Young actors, watch closely, and you might be able to catch where he forgets his line.


BDUTS March 23, 2009 at 10:21 AM  

I like this blog much better than Uberfan.

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