URBM Is Hiring!

Check out the flyer I've been posting up around Baltimore to market the premiere. It's not your normal promotion, as it doesn't say anything about the premiere on it. No date, time, or name of the movie. I've posted them at five local coffeeshops.

I'm considering this an experiment, to see if flyers are worth the time down the road. I'm skeptical that anyone pays attention to them. The flyer says urbmcorp.com, which redirects to standardsofethicalconduct.com. I can track how many people come to the site through urbmcorp.com, which will tell me how visitors these flyers generated.

Here are the five job postings on the flyer. Which one is your favorite? Have a better one? Post it in the comments.

Executive Cropduster
- Do you like to walk around the office, pretending you're going somewhere, while all along, you've got a dirty little secret? Did someone burn baby food in the microwave? Don't turn and look, just keep on walking.

Senior Douchebag - You must lead a team of visionaries to define the strategy of the company. Apply by sending an one sentence statement of purpose using the following phrases: "peel back the onion", "blocking and tackling", "straw man" and "long pole in the tent".

Expense-Abusing Salesperson - It's a business lunch!!! Hahahaha. Order another Chardonnay Bob!

Indecipherable Foreign Support Agent - Is English your 2nd or 3rd language? Can you read a script and not deviate regardless of the question asked? If yes to both, we've got a low paying, unrewarding job we'd like to offer you.

Whorish Marketing Gal - Nothing covers a lack of talent like big boobies.

If you're feeling randy and want to participate in the experiment, print the flyer out and post it somewhere. Put it in the comments if you do, so I can calculate hits per posting. If you stumbled onto this blog because of the flyer, post a comment telling me where you saw it and why you checked it out.


Is that pot they're smoking?

That was the first question from a couple of people upon seeing the trailer, including my mother-in-law. My actors already had a enough trouble remembering their lines without adding weed into the equation.

Here's a glimpse of what they were smoking...


Welcome to the Water Cooler!

So I'm back at this blogging thing, although this time the range of topics will be a bit wider than one particular football team. I'll be touching on a bunch of stuff here, but many of the first posts will be about "Standards of Ethical Conduct", a film being released in April. You can check out the website at standardsofethicalconduct.com.

The movie will be premiering at the Patterson Theater in Baltimore on April 11th, at 8 pm. See here for more info and to buy tickets. If you're in the area and not a crazy person, drop me a note and I can keep you up to date about the premiere party. If you're crazy, or think you might be a tad crazy, or people hide their children when you come near, please just buy a ticket and come to the movie and then leave.

For all those Denver folks, a premiere is in the works, stay tuned for details.

I'd love to hear some topics of interest in the comments. I can talk about how long it took me to make this movie (4 years, or about 1 year for every ten minutes), or I can just make fun of my actors (or as Patrick likes to call them - DDUs - dialogue delivery units).

Let's get started with an acting lesson. Here's a video of the famous Chuck Roy working through a mistake with nary a misstep. Young actors, watch closely, and you might be able to catch where he forgets his line.


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