The Denver Examiner Reviews "Standards of Ethical Conduct"

Erik Buckman just reviewed "Standards of Ethical Conduct" for the Denver Examiner. Read the review.

It looks like Erik has spent his share of time in a cube and has the same romantic memories as the rest of us.


If you're planning on attending the Denver premiere, I encourage you to buy tickets beforehand here. It's a small theater and the cast & crew will eat up half the seats.


Silly Marketing Tactic #27 - Muddy Buddy

My good friend Brian Dutton (aka The Executive Douchebag) had the great idea of promoting "Standards of Ethical Conduct" while participating in Muddy Buddy several weeks ago. Muddy Buddy is a run/bike race that you do in a team of two, with the end of the race being an army crawl through a gigantic mud pit.

Brian thought it would be a good idea to sport the "FCT - an URBM Company" t-shirts while participating in the race, to help spread the word about the film. Of course he meant the ladies version of the t-shirt (ie in pink), two sizes too small.

How did we do? Squarely in the middle of the pack in terms of time, but in the top 10 in terms of flamboyant spirit.

Enjoy the pictures below, more are posted on Facebook here.

Do you have any other silly marketing ideas? As I've proven time and time again, I'm not afraid to make a spectacle of myself. Shout them out in the comments.

Are you intrigued by our skin-tight pink t-shirts? Want your own? Stay tuned to the blog, they'll be available soon. Gut is not included, you have to bring your own.


Buy Denver Premiere Tickets
for Standards of Ethical Conduct


Denver Premiere! June 6th at the Bug Theatre

Mark your calendars! June 6th, 8 pm, at the Bug Theatre.

It's been a long road from the production of the film in April 2005 to finally being able to show the cast and crew the fruits of their labor. Plus, Chuck Roy is going to host the event, which should provide some surprises.

For our actors, this will be an opportunity to see how much they've aged in four years. I noticed that I had quite a bit more hair back then.

I'm sure it's both exciting and nerve-wracking for an actor to see himself or herself on screen, watching their performance for the first time in front of a room full of people. I personally think they'll be thrilled, as I've heard a lot of compliments so far on the acting in this movie.

I'll be working on some press over the coming weeks. Pam (ie Marge the HR Lady) and I already have an radio interview setup for the Friday morning before the premiere. Thanks Pam!

The Bug Theatre is fairly small, and given the large number of cast and crew attending, I'd recommend buying tickets early if you want to come. Click the link below to buy.

Tickets are $10 - Buy Tickets


If you're on Facebook, go to the Event page, and let me know if you're coming. Click "Invite Others" on the right-hand side and tell your friends.


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