Get your popcorn ready, it's movie time!

The wait is finally over. Click below to watch the full movie. If you're feeling randy, leave a comment and/or rating on YouTube.

The FCT Corporate Store is also open for business starting today.

That means you can have your very own copy of the movie, with the following special features: 
  • Deleted scene - Ok, I deleted several scenes from the movie, so why is only one on the DVD?  Well, most of them weren't very good, so I didn't see the point in making you sit through the agony of watching them. However, one deleted scene was really good, but just didn't fit into the storyline after I made some script changes. You get to see Tab Chester and Franklin trying to solve an army captain's (played by the BLF) power issue on the ground in Iraq. Nothing is better than watching a couple of incompetent corporate dweebs stumble over each other when faced with a real problem. Plus any scene with a synergy line is always worthwhile.
    • Goof video - This video gives you a behind the scenes look at the reality of a cash-strapped indie production.  Be prepared to see a lot of Chuck Roy. 
    • Director interview - What you've been waiting for. You get to hear me blather on. Courtesy of The Signal on WYPR.
    • Movie posters - All 6!
    • Trailer
    • And more!
    If you're really getting into the moment, I'd suggest also picking up your own corporate dweeb t-shirt, in either pink or white.

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