Indie Marketing at SXSW

SXSW is held in Austin, TX, and combines a film festival, interactive festival (technology, gaming, etc) and a huge music festival (1400+ bands).  This was my second time attending, and the show seems to grow exponentially.  The marketing tricks grow at the same rate, with bigger and more extravagant ploys to get the attention of the thirty thousand or so attendees. 

The gambits range from fleets of cars covered with logos (this year was "Kick Ass" the movie), to marching bands beating their drums, to graphics being projected on the side of buildings.  Add to that hundreds of folks giving out rides in their bike carts, energy bars, green tea and more. 

How can a little indie movie like "Standards of Ethical Conduct" stand out among all the noise? 

I've always liked more subtle marketing campaigns, ones that reward the curious among us.  So I left the following email among stray papers on lunch tables, food carts and crumpled in the corner of couches.

Here are some of my drops.

The question is, did anyone find these?  Leave a comment if you did.

For those pranksters, feel free to download the doc and modify it to your heart's content.  I know a couple folks who will probably push it much further than I did.  Please share your stories.

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