What the hell is going on?

Ok, I've been bad about updating the blog and in general, getting "Standards of Ethical Conduct" wrapped up. Between moving to DC, starting school again at George Mason and some family issues, I allowed myself to get distracted. It's time to put my foot back on the pedal.

Soon you will be able to watch the movie online, for free. Where? Right now its YouTube vs. Babelgum. Stay tuned, I'm hoping to have it online in less than two weeks. Two weeks!

In other news, the DVD is being worked on and should hopefully be finished in the next several weeks. On it will be a goof video as well as a deleted scene that I wish I could've kept in the film. It's where the "synergy" line in the trailer comes from. Franklin and Tab Chester were great in the scene, but I had to drop it after I made a major story change during editing.

Keep checking the blog, Twitter and Facebook pages, there will be a lot of updates over the coming weeks. I'll have funny clips, behind the scenes stuff, pictures and more. You can also sign up for the email updates on this site, or on http://standardsofethicalconduct.com.

Also, "Standards of Ethical Conduct" has also made its way onto IMDB, here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1557747/. So if you appeared or worked on the film, you are now immortalized at IMDB alongside Hollywood's stars. I anxiously await any comments you want to leave on the film there.

The last bit of news is that I've started studying Economics at George Mason, which has been outstanding. It's the first time in my life that I'm taking classes in a subject that I love to study. I know, I know. You just re-read that and said, Economics? That's what he loves studying?

Economics is like engineering for the gears of the world. Its insights into how and why things work like they do is both fascinating and frustrating. It's fascinating to understand social systems and how they function or break down. It's frustrating to hear how little of this understanding is conveyed through our media. More on that another day.


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